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REVIEW: Crime or Punishment?!?
May 2, 2011, 11:58 pm
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Released: 2009, Japan
Tsumi toka batsu toka (罪とか罰とか)

Director: Keralino Sandorovich

Narumi Riko
Nagayama Kento
Inuyama Inuko
Ando Sakura
Okina Megumi
Aso Kumiko

Running Time: 110min

Watching the irreverently silly detective show Jikou Keisatsu, I was excited by the presence of Miki Satoshi and Sono Sion behind the camera as well as Iwamatsu Ryo’s single episode behind and in front of it, but the eight episode of the first season found me laughing out loud the most at its creative gags. Looking up the director and finding the name Keralino Sandorovich (Caroline Sandwich?) matched this particular episode’s humor, which is Monty Python inspired. Crime or Punishment?!? was the only title which I could find from Sandorovich’s disappointingly small filmography, but it is definitely in the cliche of quality over quantity.

In a nutshell, the film features multiple story lines but they all revolve around Enjoji Ayame (Narumi), an up and coming model who finds her most recent magazine appearance is on the only page printed upside down. Ayame and her, at the time more timid, friend (Ando) both go into the modeling business. Ayame’s friend becomes more popular due to her 180 degree switch to the scandalous while Ayame is living through her streak of bad luck. This bad luck streak also includes an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t stop blacking out and murdering other women and being caught stealing a magazine and having to be police chief for a day as punishment.

A good deal of the film’s gags rely on the deadpan tone of the film, such as when Ayame is told that all criminals are punished by being police chief for a day. Or when giving her impromptu speech as police chief for a day, an awkward silence is broken by a modest gust of wind and her skirt blows up ala Marilyn Monroe and the previously bored press starts snapping photos wildly.

Another pleasant bonus to the film’s quirky ensemble who could rival Leslie Nelson’s deadpan delivery (on a side note: star Narumi Riko stated she thought this film was a serious drama when reading the script) is the addition of Aso Kumiko (from Jikou Keisatsu) in a bizarre cameo.

It would be unfair to spoil just how creative this movie is (one that I feel needs to be told is a character named Mosaic whose face is a mosaic censor) and it is highly recommended to seek out no matter how far you have to scourge the internet.


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