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My Year of Nintendo
August 23, 2011, 7:18 pm
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Nintendo has been hit with quite a bit of negative feelings lately. With Nintendo of America not releasing three high profile Japanese RPGs while Nintendo of Europe is, the lack of games for the 3DS as well as the price drop showing they are in trouble. Nintendo is also seen by a lot of hardcore gamers as just a casual machine, while there is quite a bit of crap on the system let’s not forget stuff like Sin and Punishment.

Like most people my Wii was getting dusty (sounds wrong) and most of my gaming was on my Playstation 3, Steam, or my brother’s XBox 360. While reading comments regarding the three games NoA is not releasing I came across someone who said they have owned only Nintendo consoles there whole life. I started gaming with a GameBoy and a N64. I owe a portion of my childhood memories to Nintendo so I wondered how I could support them.

On August 12th I got a 3DS and started my year of Nintendo. Only games for Nintendo consoles on Nintendo consoles. Meaning no Genesis or Playstation One emulators on the Wii.

In preparation I have softmodded my Wii (another rule: no illegal copies) and imported Disaster: Day of Crisis, Minna no Rhythm Tengoku, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Since the 3DS is region free for regular DS games I got Ouendan.

I see this as way to just fully focus on one area of gaming and find hidden gems also I plan on going back and playing games I’ve missed (lots of GameCube stuff) as well as keeping current with the new stuff. Maybe I can rekindle the feeling I had playing Pokemon and Super Smash Brothers as a kid.

Games Completed So Far:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor


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